Thursday, August 18, 2011

Quilt Retreats 2011

First, thank you so much to Sally for hosting the potluck meeting tonight - we all appreciate it and (speaking for everyone) it was great to see faces we haven't seen for a while!
For those who were at the potluck this is a re-cap of the retreat information. For those who weren't there, there were enough members present to make a quorum plus a few more so we held the vote to decide on the fate of the retreat(s). As presented at the potluck and in this email, the retreat(s) were passed unanimously. This allows more time for planning and prepping, which can only mean better retreat(s). So here's the info:
First retreat will be held Fri to Sun Oct 14-16
Second retreat will be held Fri to Sun Nov 11-13
We will be hosting ourselves. Which means we clean the place up at the beginning (will be looking for a 3 or 4 person pre-retreat cleaning crew at the September meeting - those volunteering for the pre-cleanup will not need to stay for the Sunday evening cleanup). We keep the place clean during the weekend, and we clean the place again after Sunday dinner before going home. Anyone unable to stay after Sunday dinner is invited to see Sally or I during the weekend and we'll give you a chore (vacuum threads, tidy the bathroom, tidy the snack table, collect and wash mugs, etc). These "pre-cleaning" and "as we go along" cleanups really make the final cleanup a lot quicker and easier. And many hands make light work, as we all know.
And for crying out loud, everybody please take food home with them on the Sunday evening as there's sure to be leftovers!
Cost will be $40 per person per retreat and the retreats are only open to Guild members. Here's how to register:
- pay your Guild dues for 2011-2012 ($30) at the September 13 business meeting
- then show your dues receipt and register for ONE of the retreats by paying the $40 - if you want to attend both retreats, your name will be put on a wait list, first come first served, for your second choice. This will ensure each member will be able to attend at least one of the retreats as we're limiting partiicpation to 20 people per retreat.
- wait lists will not be used until after each member present at the September business meeting has been given the opportunity to register in at least one retreat
- if you can't attend the September meeting but want to go to a retreat, please contact me ASAP to arrange payment of your dues and registration fee
- as always, cash or cheques are accepted for dues and will also be accepted for the retreats
We'll have some kind of assembly-line style thing set up for dues and registration fee payments so it doesn't turn into a madhouse rush! Remember, there are enough spaces for everybody to attend at least one retreat, given our current/projected membership.
Sally and I, as organizers, will be attending both retreats and yes, we'll be paying for them so we can join in all the fun too! 
Besides your sewing stuff and projects, every participant will bring:
- a potluck dish for Friday evening dinner (please don't take the leftovers home Friday night - see below about lunches)
- a contribution to the group snack table (nutritious or semi-nutritious is always good but a bit of junk food is always fun, too)
- one fat quarter to be used in a prize basket for a winner-take-all game
- there will be paper plates, etc. but feel free to bring your own dishes and cutlery if you prefer
Start time for Friday is yet to be determined, depending on what time the building is available to us.
Hot and cold breakfast will be available from 8 to 9 am Saturday and Sunday mornings. Bud will be manning the bbq and side burner for eggs, bacon, ham and sausage, and there will be an assortment of cold breakfast items (yogurt, cereals, milk, fruit, juices, etc.).
Coffee and tea always available - if the pots are empty, please make some more.
Lunches will not be provided - between as much breakfast as you want, leftovers, the snack table, etc., it wasn't felt necessary to provide lunch. You could bring a bag lunch or go out to eat if you like, too.
Saturday evening dinner will be a chicken and prawn bbq with side dishes - bbq'ing will be done by Bud and Wally and we'll be giving those nice gentlemen dinner on us. We swear the prawns will be peeled and not bbq'd in their shells.
Sunday evening dinner will be ordered in or take out - undecided as to what yet - please think about it so we can decide at the September meeting. Options are kind of limited here, but we hope we can get something in everyone will enjoy.
There will be an ugly fabric contest - details will be revealed at the September business meeting.
There will be a door prizes.
We'll have a few goofy games with a few prizes, too.
Sleepovers are OK, make your own arrangements and bring your own stuff. BYOB if you like but please, if you plan to indulge make sure you have a safe way home or stay over - car keys will be taken away if it means saving a life. (Or preventing someone from spending a night in the drunk tank supervised by my husband the RCMP jail guard !!!!).
Estimated cost to the Guild for each retreat is $920 ($1840 for both) based on 20 people per retreat. Yes, we can afford it.
These are shaping up to be really fun retreats! Planning has been fun too! Got an idea to make it even more fun? Let Sally or I know, we'd love to hear it.
If you have any special dietary needs, please let Sally or I know - we don't want anyone going hungry or feeling they need to provide their own food.
For those who've never attended a retreat, there is really only one rule to follow:  ENJOY YOURSELF!

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