Sunshine Quilter’s Guild – May 8th, 2012 – Business Meeting Minutes
Vice President: Sally G. called the meeting to order at 9:31am, after everyone present signed the attendance book. Attendance improved from the last meeting to 19 members and 1 visitor. 
1st Vice President Report:  Sally G. stated that our President, Stephanie A. has resigned therefore we will not have an Annual General Meeting today. Sally also reported that Marj C. has resigned as Secretary of the group.  Therefore we do not have an executive for the Sunshine Quilter’s Guild as of this moment.
2nd Raffle Quilt: Leslie reported that $61.03 has been spent from the budget with a balance of $688.97 Deb at Flamingo has been booked and reserved for the quilting to take place February 2013.  Diane reported on the requirements for fabrics for the ‘Maple Leaves’ classes May 15th, lead by Diane. See blog for fabric colour/pattern details.
3rd The minutes from the April business meeting were adopted.
4th Treasurer’s Report: Gayle B. reported that our bank balance is $6,295.50.
5th Secretary’s report: Laura Jean read correspondence, ‘thank you’ card from Kootenay Quilter’s Guild, re: W.K.Q.C.   News Letter-G2 Sketches has arrived.
Colour Made Beautiful April*over now but here is the contact: www.palousepatchers.org
Language of Drawing @ Gallery 2 May 5-June 2  contact:  www.gallery2grandforks.ca
Chewelah Quilt Show May 26-27  contact:  www.chewelahquiltshow.com
  Pincher Creek, July 16-22 contact: www.fibreartsweek@gmail.com
Castlegar Quilter Show Oct 19-21 “Stitches from the Heart” th Ave, ,
Washington State Quilter’s(Spokane Chapter)Oct 19-21  contact: www.wsqspokane.org
6th Castlegar Guild Request: Rae S. and Fran E. have volunteered to participate in the judging of the quilts from Noon to 6:00pm for the Oct. 19-21 Quilt Show 2012.
7th Thank You cards were passed on to the Historian (Kim) for scrap booking. 
8th Wind-Up Activity: Sally has a signup sheet by the door for an Omega Lunch on May 22nd, following the AGM.  Numbers must be known by Tuesday May 15th, 2012.
9th Burger ‘n Brew Night Update: No update,  Patti is sick.
10th Quilt Show 2013 Update: Kim B.reported that several vendors have been booked, the Curling Arena down payment has been made.  Kim B. and  Rhonda R. are creating a list of volunteers for helping with the 2013 Quilt Show please see them to sign up.
11th Sally held a vote for volunteers to be a nomination committee for the AGM on May 22nd, 2012 to fill the vacant positions of; President and Secretary.  The nominating committee are:  Diane P., Kim B. and Fran E.
12th Sunshine Quilter’s Guild Constitution: Kim B. presented for a vote that the constitution is not adhered to and out dated, therefore the original constitution needs to be brought up to date to meet current Guild members and executives needs.  Fran E. motioned and Bonnie P. seconded, the vote was all in favour and carried by V.P.
13th Constitution Committee: Kim B. motioned that a committee be formed, here is the list of members who formed the committee: Diane P., Kim B., Shirley F., Margie K., Hilda M., Ireen J., Fran E., Laura Jean H., Rhonda R. (via proxy-read by Bonnie P.)  Acceptance for committee to review constitution, carried, voted all in favour.
14th Volunteer Positions: Sally reminded us that the volunteer positions will need to be filled in September 2012, for the 2012-2013 year.
15th Guild Visitor: Sally let us know that at 11:00am today our special guest will be a long arm quilter from Rock Creek: Whispering Pines Quilt Studio ‘Miriam March’
16th Show & Tell: Rae showed her Wall Hangings, ‘Dragonflies’ & ‘Blue Herons’, also a quilt ‘Strip Bindings Quilt’ amazing us with the scenic top quilting of fish up to mountains, she ended with a big Grommet Bag.
17th Show & Tell: Sally showed us what happens when you buy the materials for 4 placemats…they turned into 8 wonderful mats. She then WOWed us with a beautiful ‘Cherry Table-topper’.
18th Show & Tell: Diane showed everyone the Lg, Med, Sm, Table-Toppers she made from the fabrics that Liz A. gave away.  Diane used the classic double 4-patch that she taught the beginners last fall. 
19th Show & Tell: Thelma M. showed us her finished pillow case and quilt “The Drunkards Path”, which she donated to the Guild for a comfort quilt.  Thelma also announced that she will be moving away to Oliver sometime after June 2012.
20th We voted on Bonnie P. suggestion to hold a going away tea for Thelma on June 5th at Noon and make it a pot-luck; all present voted yes!
21st The Annual General Meeting will be held at the FOFA building on May 22nd, 2012 at 9:30am, all members are encouraged to attend.  The Omega luncheon will follow the meeting at 12:00pm, Thank You.
22nd The Business Meeting adjourned at 10:14am
Thank you for all your input and full participation at your business meeting!
Yours Sincerely, Laura Jean H. (Acting Secretary)

Sunshine Quilters meeting – April 17, 2012
9:30 A. M. Meeting ,  19 members present
Treasurer Gail gave a financial report.  We have $6,524.63 in the account and $1515.00 in a GIF. 
Secretary Marj. asked if there were any errors or omissions in the minutes from  the March meeting.  Laura Jean  moved and Leslie seconded the minutes be adopted as posted.
President Steph.  requested the secretary resend the telephone list as a few members had been asking for it.
Leslie gave a Raffle Committee report.  They are still within budget.  Diane has made a full sized sample. More information about colours to include and days of work parties will be posted.
Quilt Show report given by Rhonda.  The Curling Rink has been booked.  They are planning to do another silent auction.
Steph. started a discussion about changing the business meeting from evening to morning.  It will still be held the second Tuesday of the month.  The vote was: one, for evening, nineteen for morning and one abstaining.
Sally volunteered to organize the wind-up party.
Verdell suggested having a quilt show with members who were interested going to see how other quilters were displaying their quilts in their homes.  She said she would organize.
Pres. Steph. Suggested we have a U. F.O. exchange in the future.
Laura Jean gave a BDAC report.  She informed the members the last meeting will be held May 28 and anyone who is interested could attend.  They are currently rebuilding membership  and trying to increase funding.  Steph. Had a brochure and read out all the benefits we receive from Gallery 2.
Lucille is unable to attend a retreat from Apr. 27, 28 and 29 which she has booked and wondered if anyone was interested in buying it from her.
Steph. Noted that the new  Canadian Quilter Magazine was here.  It will go into the library.  She then showed the five beautiful  bags she had made and were already sold.
The May 8, business meeting will be held at 9:30 AM.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 PM.
Marj. Clark, secretary.

Thirteen members present .
February minutes were adopted as printed in the blog.  Carried.
In Gail’s absence, President Steph read the written Treasurer’s report.  There is $6854.87 in the bank,  $110.58 in petty cash and we still have $1515.00 in term deposit.  No unpaid bills.
Rae gave a report on the West Kootenay Quilt  Conference to be held on April 21, 2012.  Everything  seems to be under control with one vacancy that of  MC for the showing of the  G. F. quilts.  Lesley had some artificial flowers and wished to decorate the show with them.  Everyone thought that a good idea.  We are asked to bring clear tall vases, preferable with colourful fabric inside, when we have the work party day on April 17.  Also with every quilt you wish to show have a card attached with details, such  as date started and finished,  pattern used ,  any other interesting info and your name.  Large boxes or laundry baskets are needed to take bags to auditorium.  People working on the door or setting up food and beverage tables need to be at the sight by 8:30 AM.
The business meeting for April will be held on April 17, at 9:30 AM.  Following will be a work party to fill bags for Conference.
The Raffle Quilt committee includes Lesley, Diane, and Laura Jean .  Lesley gave a report and passed around a picture of the chosen pattern.   The name is Scattered Leaves and the first work party will be May 15, and the leaf part will be started.  Everyone will be doing 2 or 3 blocks.  Some fabric will be supplied and we will use scraps from our own  collections.  Bright fabrics are the choice of the committee.  Debra McCracken has been chosen to do the top quilting.  The budget  is set at $750.00.
Laura Jean suggested we sell tickets at the Farmer’s Market and maybe locations such as Overwaitea.
There is an In-Guild meeting March 27, Lucille is instructing.  Bring an item for the pot luck lunch.  We are also encouraged to bring a non-perishable item for the local Food Bank.
Laura Jean gave a report from the BDAC.  She said anyone who is interested is more than welcome to attend the meetings.
After a break for coffee and cake and then the Show and Tell we adjourned the  meeting at 8:15PM.

Sunshine Quilter’s Guild – February 14th, 2012 – Business Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:00pm, after everyone present signed the attendance book.
Attendance improved from the last meeting to 15 members and 1 visitor.

1st Dawsha Hunt from ‘Gallery 2 – Museum’ gave her presentation as representative for the ‘Art Rental and Sales Program’.  She handed out letters and brochures that detail the program and shared the basics and answered all our questions.

2nd Show ‘N Tell was presented next so that our visitor could view with us all the new creations.  Cathy, Ruby and Gail inspired us all with their beautiful works of ‘Art’.

3rd The 7 comfort quilts chosen to give to Habitat for Humanity where then shown to the group present.  Rae made sure that the S.Q.G. labels are on each quilt.

4th The January minutes were adopted as circulated.

5th The Secretaries report was given by Laura Jean, correspondence was read, ‘thank you’ cards from Christmas Hamper Program, Christmas Community Dinner Program, Hardy View Lodge and Border Bruins.  Stephanie then read from the Gazette, February 1st edition, Sunshine Quilter’s Guild received the “Sunshine Award”! 
6th The Treasurers report was given by Gail; we have $6,839.67 in our account.

7th All correspondence was then passed on to the Historian (Kim) for putting into the scrap book.  Diane P. has volunteered to be an assistant to Kim for building the book.

8th Stephanie read out to us our ‘terms’ for Bursary recipients. Gail confirmed that the Bursary is $300.00 and that it has been voted-passed for 2012 and 2013.

9th Gallery Membership is coming up due and we all voted in favour of renewal of our membership a cheque for $44.80 was written up and Lesley will deliver it to the gallery.

10th The BDAC (Boundary District Arts Council) report was read by Laura Jean and a reminder was given to encourage everyone to sign the ‘building’ book when using the location for all S. Q. G. events, they are the only records we have for reporting statistics.
Also remember that the next BDAC meeting is at Selkirk February 27th at 6:45pm all members are welcome and encouraged to attend.

11th West Kooteny Quilt Conference report was given by Rae and Cathy.  WKQC will be at the GFSS on April 21st, 2012 we will need Volunteer’s.  The registrations have been mailed out to all the guilds.  We have 5 confirmed merchants for the conference.  The entry fee has been set $4.00 and 1 Fat Quarter, for us locals a retired Pattern and 1 Fat Quarter.  Theme is “Wish upon a star… if Quilts were wishes…”.  Star blocks will be entered/welcomed they need to be 12 ½” unfinished in size.  Also ladies Door Prizes are most welcome!

12th The group present voted all in favour of paying the W.K.Q. C. registration fee and Gail wrote the cheque out and handed it over to Rae.

13th Rae also reported that everything for the WKQC is paid for out of the Conference ‘Seed’ money, that it has not cost the Guild a penny to host this conference.

14th Diane reported that the Guild now has a large container in the cupboard for ‘broken or dead needles and pins’.

15th Cathy and Rae attended the Westbridge Community Centre (WI fundraiser) valentine’s luncheon and had the opportunity to invite the ‘Rumple Stilt Skin Guild’ to the WKQ conference.

16th Reminder to all that Kalso will have a one day Quilt Show on April 14th, 2012.

17th Stephanie reported on the ‘911-First Responders File’.  Our physical address is on the envelope and all the emergency information is inside the envelope.  Reminder for all of those who have not up dated this information yet to do so and thank you to all who have completed this vital information.

18th Side Group Formations:  Diane is interested in starting up next fall a ‘Hand Appliqué Group’, kind of like a ‘Dear Jane Group’.  Maybe Tuesday evenings would work.  Please see or contact Diane if you are interested.

19th Machine Quilting Group: Rae is your resource person for this open event.  The first one will be at the FOFA building on March 13th, bring your batting samples and your “Dancing with Threads” book, and your ‘Free Motion Foot’ for sewing.

20th Raffle Quilt Co-ordinator position has been filled by:  Leslie M. and she has obtained Diane P. and Laura Jean as her assistants.

21st The 2013 Quilt Show Convenors position has been filled and shared by:  Kim B. and Rhonda R. they will also be looking for assistance.

22nd The Business Meeting adjourned at 9:12pm

Thank you all for an informative and participatory business meeting!
Yours sincerely,
Laura Jean (Shadow secretary)

Sunshine Quilters- January 10,2012 – Meeting    
Thirteen members  present.  The November minutes were adopted as circulated.
Gail reported  that we have $7,800.71 in our account.
Rae gave a report on the West Kootenay Quilt Conference.   It will be held in Grand Forks at the Secondary School on April 21, starting at  9:30 AM.  The  theme will be “If quilts were wishes...wish upon a star.”    We are going to have some work parties to make gift boxes , star blocks, etc.  We will also have to do some baking of muffins or whatever for the morning snacks.  If anyone has any film containers please bring them.   The first scheduled work party will be Feb. 14.  Bring sewing machines etc., and plan to work on making folded gift boxes.  Materials will be supplied.
Rae reported on the Comfort Quilts and thought we have enough on hand,  including the seven we need for The Habitat for Humanity project.
Lesley said Betty Ann MacKay was requesting a donation for the Border Bruin [hockey team ] silent auction fund raiser.   Cathy moved and Liz. seconded that we donate a few items we have on hand.
Liz, who has volunteered to instruct anyone interesting in learning to hand quilt, has suggested we look into buying hoops.  Cathy said she would look into suppliers and costs etc. and let us know.
Diane reported there were 4 more beginner classses coming up.  These are also open to everyone interested.  The patterns are on the blog.
Patti  is working on some ideas for fundraisers such as a “Beer and Burger”  night at a bar.
There was a discussion on the positions needing conveners.    As so few were present we will bring this up at another  time.
Diane suggested we fill in a simple questionnaire  about our health issues in case of emergencies.  Steph. Is going to look after  this.  Since our meeting place has no phone would anyone with a cell phone please bring it when you come for meetings or work parties.
Meeting was adjourned at 8:45 PM.

SUNSHINE MINUTES - OCTOBER 11, 2011 Minutes of the last meeting were accepted as printed on the blog by Fran.

Treasurer’s Report: Balance $7,239.53, GIC which is mature and cashable is $1,515.00. Money taken in for the raffle is $4,214.80; profit $2,044.82

Boundary District Arts Council information was read by Marg. For certain events they would like more detailed information for grant purposes.

An excellent sewing machine seminar was given by Rae. November 8, Mary C. will demo bumpless binding.

Need volunteers, Feb/March/Apr and May to teach a project. New member will have partners. Suggestions – hand quilting, curve piecing, ½ square triangles, drunkard’s path, quilt as you go and embellishments, etc.

At the last meeting, requested were a first-aid kit and two new garbage bins for recyclables.
West Kootenay Quilt Conference
Goody bags – work bee to plan for 100 people at GFSS. Sample shown by Rae. Letters to go out January 2012 to other guilds.

Stephanie went over the questionnaire we filled out last month regarding our guild expectations, hopes, etc. Example: more leadership – we waste time on small decisions. The treasurers books are open to all. More volunteers. Put aside your own desires for the good of the organization.
Post the minutes in the library cupboard.

Irene demoed a chenille cutter and introduced the in-guild for next week.: Rae described what this means to new members. We are hosting this on Saturday, April 21, 2012. We have seed money to help for the conference to pay bills, and any left gets passed to the next guild. MOTION: Cost of copying patterns from guild for in-guild printing 25 cents, motion and seconded by Rhonda and Diane.
24 members present, 7 new and 1 returning.  We all introduced ourselves and gave a brief talk about our quilting history.
The 3 door prises were won by Kim Boyd, Shirley Franz, and Mary Cadman.
Donations were from Cathy K.

President Stephanie introduced the “Suggestion Box”.  For anyone who has an idea or a complaint.  Must have a possible solution and be signed to be addressed.  Stephanie and Sally will open box.
Cathy K. moved and Hilda M . seconded the motion that we approve the purchase of  the gazebo used this summer while selling tickets.   Motion passed.
Purchases were made with the grant money from Area D.  Improvements were:  floor covering, fan and fridge.
Gail B. gave a Treasurers report.  Rough estimate on the ticket sales and quilt show.  In the bank $8,908. Plus $1,505. GIC.
Marj. C  gave the Secretary’s report.  Read letters from GF Credit Union,  Regional  District, School District and the recipient of the bursary Whitney Carlson.
President Stephanie showed the “In guild project” made by Irene J.  It is a scrap quilt, fabric supplied, and taking place on the fourth Tues.  All day session starting at 9 AM.
Two upcoming Retreats are in the plan for Oct. and Nov.
Rae S. gave a Comfort Quilt report informing us we have a good stock of quilts ready to be given away.   All members be on the lookout for anyone in need.  Rhonda P. Moved and Shirley F. seconded Rae be allowed to purchase some tools and equipment for using in the FOFA building.     
Diane P.  Reported she is starting the instruction classes for beginners on Sept. 20 at 1:30 pm.
Evelyn Brown is retiring as the Guild representative to the Arts Council.  Volunteering to replace her are Laura  Jean H, Cathy K., and Margie K.
Sally G. Agreed to remain as FOFA representative.
Photographer-Historian – Bonnie P. and Kim B. volunteered to share this position.
Stephanie encourages everyone in the group to make suggestions for guest speakers or bring of a new and interesting pattern or gadget for discussion.
Cathy K. thanked everyone for the help putting on the quilt show.  Congratulations to all who work very hard.  Cathy stated that we now have a book with details of all that is involved in organizing a show.
President Stephanie also introduced the FINE CAN .  Fines go into it for using various cuss words, and leaving your rotary cutter open when not in use.


APRIL MINUTES - accepted as read, except don't forget your plate and cutlery for the potluck.
TREASURER'S REPORT - Two cheques were issued in April. $280.00 to Rae for the blinds and $117.60 to CQA. There is $920.00 balance from the grant FOFA received. $5411.16 is in the bank. $1515.00 on term deposit. $111,41 petty cash. A cheque was issued May 5 for $31,80 to pay for the cutting table leg extensions (belong to the Guild, not FOFA).
SECOND SET OF TABLE LEG EXTENSIONS? - Moved by Cathy, seconded by Shirley, accepted. Rae's husband will make them.
ARTS COUNCIL - A new rep is needed for September. The application is in for the grant. Someone needs to attend meetings on the 4th Monday of the month at 6:45 pm at Selkirk College.
KETTLE RIVER FESTIVAL OF THE ARTS - August 4 to 14. There will be many participants. The Guild is not directly involved but volunteers are needed at Fibre Fusion (part of the KRFA). Are we able to sell quilt raffle tickets at some locationn? $25 to register, even just to sell tickets - moved by Karen, seconded by Diane, passed (Evelyn will get the form for the Guild to register to sell tickets).
GFI BALL TOURNAMENT - Stephanie will ask that the GFI game announcers 'advertise' our quilt show during games, as they did last time.
WEST KOOTENAY QUILT CONFERENCE - Report by Rae and Diane. 80+ people attended of the 140 expected and the day went very well. It was either the 20th or 25th anniversary. This could be honoured at next year's WKQC, which Rae is chairing and our Guild is hosting. A note for next year - keep each Guild to time limits and read the minutes out.
HISTORIAN REPORT - Karen asked for photos for the 2010/2011 Guild album to be given to her by May 24 or they won't go in the album.
COMFORT QUILTS/ROTAPLAST - Still some quilts to finish (sandwich, quilt and bind), feel free! Finished quilts will be gone through after show and tell to divide them into Comfort quilts or Rotaplast.
ELECTION OF OFFICERS FOR TWO YEAR TERMS: Election conducted by Rae (outgoing president, not running for any office)
 President - Stephanie Alcock by acclamation
 Vice-President - Sally Godfrey by acclamation
 Treasurer - Gail Beaudet by acclamation
 Secretary - Marg Clark by acclamation
VOLUNTEER POSITIONS FOR ONE YEAR TERMS: Advertising/Historian - not filled
 Block of the month - not filled
 Comfort quilts - not filled, not required this year
 Refreshements - not filled
 Blog - not filled
 Sunshine Lady - Diane Pillet volunteered, thank you
 In-Guilds - Irene Jensen volunteered, thank you
 Arts Council Rep - not filled
 FOFA Rep - not filled
 Library - Marg Koide volunteered, thank you
**not filled positions will be discussed at September business meeting
VOLUNTEER SIGN-UP SHEETS FOR QUILT SHOW - will be done by Rae and sent out via email by Stephanie
QUILT SHOW - moving along well. Stephanie has quilt registration forms to send by email, and paper copies for those without email. Merchants are on-side. On the second Tuesday of August, Cathy will host a potluck to finalize plans. A few men will be needed for labour. Reminder to get silent auction table items to Irene.
DENISE TAYLOR and KIM BOYD - guests. Denise gave a texturizing demonstration. She owns Total Texture Fibres in Maple Ridge. She sells a product called Texture Magic (go to Kim's for tea if you want some). Diane demo'd the Texture Magic, as well as other texturizing techniques using plasti-foil treat bags, Tyvek, de-colorant, metals, tree barks, shibori ribbon and more. Thank you for showing us, very interesting techniques!
COFFEE BREAK - thank you for the refreshnents!
RAFFLE QUILT - Debra McCracken at Flaming QuiltWorx has quilted A Slice Of Lime and Lynne picked it up. Joanne showed it and will do the binding.
SHOW AND TELL - Beauitful work, ladies, gorgeous!
RAFFLE COMMITTEE - Marg K will get the license to order the tickets. Ticketsellers will be needed soon on various days at various locations. Proceeds to Hardy View Auxiliary.
SHIRLEY - Would like some of the members, with pieces of their work, to come to show their work on May 13 at the Hospital Extended Care. Meet in the main entrance at 10:15 or 10:20.
QUILTS HANGING AT HARDY VIEW AND HOSPITAL - need to be changed - swap for a couple of comfort quilts?
LIBRARY - Please return any library items at the wind-up so Marg can work on the Library over the summer.

Stephanie Alcock
Secretary (Outgoing)
President (Incoming)


Last months minutes were accepted as circulated.
Treasurer’s Report:
Credit Union balance - $5,811.01, Term - $1,515, No cheques written in March, Petty Cash - $111.41 and one cheque in April for three (3) blinds.
Accepted as read.
Quilt Conference at Christina Lake:
April 30, doors open at 8 am. If you want to send in your quilts, write your name and information on a card and take your quilt to the Ap4il 26 meeting. You may have quilts from the free motion class, Alamonde left, spiral workshop, etc. and your mystery quilt.
Our September 2011 quilt show:
Registration for quilts will start at the May 2011 meeting.
Tablecloths for the tea will be supplied by Ruby Woolger.
Rae has a sign-up sheet ready for volunteers at the door (2 hour shifts).
Old Business:
May 24 Wind-up: From 1 pm to as long as you want to party. We will be making a woven round rag basket . MARY WILL EMAIL OUT FABRIC NEEDS. Dinner will be pot-luck.
Bring 3 fat quarters for the L-R-C dice game.

Hilda won the egg contest and the in-guild is an appliqué Two Leaves Runner. Submitted by Margie as Stephanie was on holidays.
I hope I didn’t miss anything as I got to listening and forgot to take notes!! Duh


Sign-in sheet attached to minutes in Minutes book (** members signed in)

ALIEN RAFFLE QUILT:  Threads are being snipped tonight and the quilt will be on the way to the quilter in the next two weeks. Thanks to everyone who helped.

TREASURER'S REPORT:  Happy International Women's Day everybody! Balance in credit union $4612.49 and term dep $1515.00, for a $6,127.49 total. Cheques issued for Art Gallery, Heart 'n Sole bills, etc., and $100.00 petty cash withdrawn. Lucille has returned and paid her dues.
            Canadian Quilter magazine up for renewal - does membership want to renew? If yes, the subscription also includes CQA membership. Cathy moved yes, seconded by Shirley Franz.

WEST KOOTENAY CONFERENCE: Guild registration fee is paid and receipt will be coming. April 30 - $4.00 individual admission and a fat quarter per person. Also, samples of in-guild items should go for show and tell. Please bring any guild projects you want to lend to the April 26 in-guild.

GFSS SCHOLARSHIP:  Shirley Wold's daughter is graduating this year so has agreed to present the scholarship.

PREVIOUS MINUTES: Correction to Treasurer's Report made to February minutes.

CHARM QUILT: If you're doing a charm quilt, register what you need - each person's requirements will be put on the blog. Give your information to Mary Cadman for putting on the blog. For example, Rae is looking for 10 1/2 inch strips, each 1 3/4 inch wide - she needs 160 different.


GRANT: Received a grant from the Regional District for $1200 to use on the building - money for sign, flooring and winterizing the big door. Blinds for windows in the "lobby" are needed and would cost $250 for insulated blinds. Cathy moved to buy the blinds, Sharon seconded. The woodworkers have been asked to make a sign the building that will match their sign - Rae has given them wording, size, etc., and they're making up a design.
            Somebody needs to volunteer to write a small article (we have pictures) for submission to the Gazette. Rae will give Karen a call when she's back and if you have any ideas, email them to Rae for discussion with Karen.

NOMINATING COMMITTEE: A nominating committee is needed as a new executive will be elected at our business meeting in May, This committee needs to phone around the membership to let everyone know what to do re nominating for elected offices (president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary). Marg has volunteered to be the committee. That business meeting is May 10.

YEAR END WIND-UP: May 10 is our last business meeting and May 24 our last in-guild. Think about what we want to do for a wind-up, ladies - meal, party, games, etc.?

FIBRE ARTS FESTIVAL - August 11 to 13. Sounds like fun! Rae will have brochures at the next business meeting. There will be several teachers for sewing, quilting, spinning, weaving, etc. Three days, twelve teachers, vendors, etc. - being held in the classrooms at the Gospel Chapel. Gail Hunt (not the Christina Lake Gail) is the quilting teacher. The guild has been asked if anyone can billet her. Also, volunteers will be needed if anyone is interested.

RAFFLE QUILT:  A paper is coming around for ideas for who to donate proceeds to, as well as ideas for quilt names. Please put your ideas down and we'll vote at the next business meeting.

QUILT SHOW:  Advertising is organized and under way. Registration forms for quilts will be available in May. Vendors are lined up. Things are ticking along!

QUILT AT HOSPITAL:  Rae's quilt has been hanging at the hospital for two years. Would someone else please volunteer up a quilt so Rae can have hers back?

BLOG:  Mary is fixing photos. Another page has been added called "Classified" for ads to sell things among the group.

BREAKTIME:  Cathy announced "Menopause the Musical" in Spokane next week - $35 a person for tickets plus staying overnight. Let Cathy know if you'd like to go. Thank you for the coffee, tea and goodies!

NATIONAL QUILT DAY:  Saturday March 19 in Colville - pick up a brochure at Cathy's shop.

CHALLENGE FROM DIANE PILLET:  Dress up a cardboard egg for an Easter tree or whatever for the Guild. Pattern being passed around. Challenge is to get it done for the next business meeting! Diane showed a few of hers - really cute!

WALL DECOR FOR THE BUILDING - The Building Committee wants some decor on the walls. Ideas? Our guild banner, for sure. The challenge eggs, too.

SHOW AND TELL:  Beauitful items! Thank you all for sharing.

DRESDEN PLATE BLOCK:  Irene has a "trick" for these blocks - for a future Tuesday activity.

MYSTERY QUILT:  for In-guild March 22.

Stephanie Alcock


Sign-In Sheet attached to minutes in Minutes Book (** members signed in)

TREASURER'S REPORT - balance 6,827.71 including term deposit. Cheque has been written to pay for quilting the alien raffle quilt, and Cathy needs to submit a bill.

QUILT SHOW COMMITTEE UPDATE - Some merchants are on-side already. Cathy spoke to Lynne today re comfort quilts for showing at the quilt show. They're stored at Beryl's and can be picked up in April when Beryl returns. Evelyn was possibly interested in advertising; Cathy will call her tomorrow to check if Evelyn
            The Committee is asking the Guild to provide a door prize - question was put to membership - the ayes have it. Amount to spend? Or could members each donate something for the basket? One idea - each member donate 2 fat quarters for a fat quarter basket. Or a notions basket? Or both? Guild pay part? (Note: Show vendors are each donating a door prize.)
            Cathy moved each guild member donate two fat quarters, seconded by Karen and voted yes by the membership - 2 FQ x 30 members = 60 FQ with a value of about $240. - one Christmas and one Fall quarter per member - to be given to Mary Cadman who will coordinate.
            Additions to baskets - the Guild will buy two books, one for each basket.
            Diane Pillet wants everyone to make/have/wear the mini-Dresden name tag at the show. Diane can give out photocopies of the pattern if the download doesn't work.
            Irene wants lots of good donations for the Silent Auction table. Get at 'er folks please!!!
            Sign-up sheets for helping at the show will be out at the June business meeting.

RAFFLE QUILT UPDATE - As of this afternoon, Debra McCracken will quilt the alient quilt and have it done on time. The name embroidery is done on the blocks that were done last week. Tuesday Feb 15 will be an applique work day. Tuesday Feb 22 will be a workday to start putting the quilt top together - this will be the In-Guild Activity for the day.

DEAR JANE - First and third Tuesdays to share what we've done, our knowledge and sew if we wish.

QUILT TOPS - A few Comfort and Rotaplast quilts need quilting - Rae will get them out during the break if anyone is willing to quilt and bind them - batting and backing and binding fabrics included.

WEST KOOTENAY QUILT CONFERENCE - April 30th - Moody Lake guild hosting at Christina Lake Community Centre 8 am to 4 pm at Community Hall. Bring a lunch. Door prizes, snacks, house block lottery, possibly merchant mall. $40 guild membership and $4 plus fat quarter (and house block if wanted) individual admission. Mary moved guild to pay the $40 membership, Irene seconded, membership voted yes. NOTE: House block can be any 10 1/2 inch house block, doesn't have to be the pattern provided by Moody Creek.

ART GALLERY MEMBERSHIP - $40.00 + $4.80 HST - Mary moved to renew, Karen seconded, membership accepted.

MYSTERY QUILT - Part 6 (final part) handed out. March in-guild will be for working on Mystery Quilts (gotta be ready for the quilt show!).

CHARM QUILT - As the mystery quilt is drawing to a close, Gail made a presentation about charm quilts. No two pieces of fabric can be the same, and you use your charm to swap or beg fabric from others! Could be a big or small quilt, any pattern, whatever. Pick your own pattern, or make up your own then figure out what you need and get it published for the blog for folks to use. These can be worked on 1st, 2nd,3rd (and maybe 5th) Tuesdays.

BLOCK OF THE MONTH - Irene would like to go back to block of the month next year. Just sayin' - something to think about.

BUILDING WILL BE OPEN AT 9 a.m. every Tuesday.

BREAK TIME .... sssshhhh I'm hungry I haven't had dinner and I want a snack. Aaahhh coffee and cookies and squares and fruit betty. Thank you!
            Karen photographed everyone's dye project during the break. Cathy brought in the lastest Country Register paper.

            - Quilt retreats - 2 in April and 2 in October, near Nakusp. Info is on flyers.
            - Lutherhaven (near Coeur d'Alene) retreat first weekend in April - 6th to 11th - approx $200 or so, includes meals - bring own bedding and towels - cabin accommodation, bathroom in each cabin - $100 USD deposit required.
            - Nelson quilt show October 1st and 2nd.
            - Osoyoos quilt show April 15 and 16
            - please forward info re quilt shows to Mary to put on the blog

UFO CHALLENGE CHANGES - Karen and Hilda changed their projects ... see the blog for the update!

AUNT BECKY'S HAND QUILTING THIMBLE THING-A-MA-JIG GIZMO - Rae showed off this find. She got it at the December silent auction and didn't know what it was. Discovered it goes on a finger under the quilt and helps the needle go up and down through the layers without killing your fingers.

AN IDEA FROM RAE - Have a swap 'n shop among members? Just an idea to talk about later.

SHOW AND TELL - oooooooooo we're so darned good!

TIPS:  Metallic thread needles has a teflon eye. Cathy has them in the shop, Schmetz makes them. Top-stitch needle has bigger eye (easier threading) and sews straightest. Blue needles work best for fast machine quilting.

POLYESTER BATTING - Stored for ages at Slavonic Hall, then next at the Senior's Centre. If nobody will use it for a Guild thing, Karen has a use for it. Moved by Stephanie, seconded by Sally, members accepted. The batting now belongs to Karen.

FABRIC BOXES/BAGS - Rae has a couple of patterns for simple small boxes/bags - as a Guild we'll make a bunch to put in next year's WKQC goodie bags. Maybe put something in them (Lesley would like a diamond ring). Guild would pay for supplies. Something for after the quilt show.

SNOWMAN CHRISTMAS CARD - Lesley couildn't throw out this gorgeous Christmas card because it would make a beautiful quilt or quilt block.

Stephanie Alcock

Sign-in sheet - attached to paper minutes (23 people signed in)


TREASURER'S REPORT - Lesley reports the $200 deposit for rental of the Curling Rink for the quilt show has been issued. $255.00 was given to the Christmas hamper fund (funds were raised at our Christmas party by the silent auction). Focus on Fibre Association has been given a $640.00 cheque as payment for 2010 for the Guild's use of the building (32 paid members x $20.00 each). As of Dec. 31, 2010 the bank balance was $7,481.66 (including $1500.00 term deposit) and there was $108.52 in petty cash.

SECRETARY'S REPORT - nil - no minutes from December as there was no business meeting. Minutes will not be read in the future as they are available on the blog. Any questions or needed amendments for minutes can be brought up at the next meeting.

            Committee held a meeting on Jan. 11; minutes will shortly be available on the Guild's blog (sunshinequilters.blogspot.com).
            Someone is needed to take on advertising. A binder is available with info and examples from past shows to help. Advertising should be under way by March 1st (flyers made, etc.).
            The show will include a memorial corner for passed member Willa. This was voted on and passed by the members. Irene will get in touch with Willa's family to see if some of Willa's quilts and some photos can be borrowed.
            Beryl and Lynne withdrew from coordinating the sale table. Someone will need to take this on and arrangements iwll need to be made to pick up completed and partly-completed items, fabrics, etc., from Beryl's home and the Seniors' Centre in City Park.
            Registration forms and cards for quilts will be out soon; Stephanie will make them up. Each member will be responsible for filling out their own forms and cards and submitting them. There will NOT be someone re-typing the forms for the show this time so please print legibily when you do your forms and cards.
            There will be in-guild project, Christmas and Mystery Quilt corners.
            Diane Pillet will be our featured quilter.
            There will be a comfort quilt and Rotaplast quilt display (NOTE: Arrangements need to be made to pick up these quilts - completed or not - from the Seniors' Centre in City Park).
            There will be a silent auction - Irene is coordinating and is looking for items to be donated.
            Please see the blog for a list of items that could be made and donated to the sale table - this list is not exhaustive by any means!

RAFFLE QUILT COMMITTEE - The January 28 in-guild will be working on the bugs/alients quilts - 9 am at the FOFA building. Members can take a pattern piece home to trace ahead of time.

MYSTERY QUILT - Part 5 was given out. Part 6 will be given out at February's business meeting. March's in-guild is set aside for anyone who wants to bring in their mystery quilt to work on.


NEW MEETING PLACE - The Focus on Fibre building (ex-SPCA) is now a reality! The Focus on Fibre Assocation ("FOFA") runs it. Each user group has a rep on the FOFA committee - ours is Shirley Franz. Shirley attended the first FOFA meeting on Dec. 22. The minutes of that meeting as well as policies and rules for use of the building are available on FOFA'S blog (focusonfibre.blogspot.com). Mary Cadman maintains the FOFA blog and the building calendar - see Mary to book the building for anything.
            Sunshine Quilters, as a FOFA member, have use of the building every Tuesday (all day and evening). Let's come up with ideas to use that time now that we have it!
            The Mary's Cadman and Relkov offered to host a group interested in making Dear Jane quilts - interest was expressed by some members and more info will come soon. FYI, there is a dearjane.com website for anyone interested.
            Mary Relkov asked if another day could be considered for the Guild's use of the FOFA building since some members sew/quilt on Tuesdays at the Seniors' Centre. The consensus was to leave the Guild's FOFA day as Tuesdays but this can be re-visited in the future if the Guild membership wishes.
            Diane Pillet will host a workshop on making our mini-Dresden Plate namtags on Tuesday Jan. 18 at 10 am for those who'd like to come or need a little help. Diane gave out a copy of the instructions to those interested. Please bring your yellow, brown, green, etc., fabric scraps and pieces and some freezer paper. Stephanie will bring template plastic for everyone. Or bring your own projects to work on - the space and time is there!
            If you have other ideas for activities on Tuesdays, please bring them up at a meeting or contact the executive.


SHOW AND TELL - Again, we're all impressed with our talented quilters.

TABLES, CHAIRS AND MORE FOR BUILDING - FOFA would like to acquire 7 more tables and a bunch more chairs for the building. If anyone who has a Costco membership and a truck is heading to Kelowna, please let Mary Cadman know.
            Also, Rae has applied to the Regional District for a grant for the Guild. If approved, the grant money would be used for the rest of the needed flooring squares, winterizing the big overhead door and signage.

PROJECT BASKETS - Diane brought in some baskets to give away to members, great size for holding small projects.

COMFORT/ROTAPLAST QUILTS NEED FINSIHING - Lynne brought in a tub of quilt tops with batting and backing that need finishing for comfort and Rotaplast quilts. She gave the tub to Rae.

Stephanie Alcock