The Sunshine Quilters of Grand Forks got started in May of 1999 when Diane Pillet invited several of the ladies who took her quilting classes to join her at the library to discuss the possible formation of the guild. Sixteen ladies became the founding members of the guild.
There was a guild in town - and still is - but they were extremely experienced and a guild was needed that was for beginner to intermediate quilters. So they were all for it and decided that they would be called The Sunshine Quilters of Grand Forks BC.
They also decided that the would meet start the following September in the library and the the meetings would be every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month until the following May.
There was no elected executive the first year but by the end of the year it was realized that one was necessary. Diane Pillet became the first president, Shirley Franz the Vice President, Marg Koide the Treasurer and Gus Allan the Secretary.
In 2002 a constitution was passed to ensure that our objectives remain intact.
Submited by Diane Pillet